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    Email already taken

    Last Updated : Mar 29, 2018 11:03 GMT

    If you see an error message about your email being already taken, this means there is already a Show My Homework account with that email address on file. 

    Why does this happen?

    If you have more than one children that attend schools which use Show My Homework, it is very likely that more than one accounts have been created for you. However, it's also possible that your email address exists on your student's profile! 

    What can you do to resolve this? 

    1. If you have an account set up at one school already, please login to this account and follow these steps to link your account to your second student.
    2. If you do not already have a Show My Homework account, it is likely that your email address has been used by your child. When they log in with their PIN they have the choice to update their email address their personal one. We recommend using the school email address, if they've been given one. Once their account has been updated, you can continue creating their account.

    Are you still having trouble creating your account? Please get in touch.

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