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    Admin checklist 2018/19

    Last Updated : Aug 28, 2018 07:08 GMT

    We have gathered all frequently asked questions for the new year rollover in a handy checklist.

    Getting data for the new academic year

    • Have you promoted the new academic year in your MIS?

    • Not able to see the new classes yet?

      • Has the new year been given an effective date range in the future?

      • Does your Xporter Management Console have an error?

      • Does your class have a primary/main class teacher?

    New staff accounts not appearing

    • Do they have a contract start date in your MIS?

    • Do they have another legal or preferred name?

    • Are they linked to active classes?

    • Have they come from another SMHW school?  

    New student accounts

    • Are they currently on roll at the school?

    • Is it past their official start date? (Required)  

    • Have they come from another SMHW school?  

    • Do they have another legal name in your MIS that you have not searched for?

    • Are they linked to active classes?

    Old user accounts in SMHW

    • Have you removed the users that are no longer at your school?

    Logging in questions

    • Send welcome emails to new staff or help existing teachers with a password reset

      • Not received? Check we have the correct email by going to Admin > Manage users

    • Print login letters for new students & parents

      • Get ready-made slips, or download a mail merge files to create custom letters 

      • Using PINs? Print a table of PINs to help tutors reset forgotten student passwords

      • Using Single Sign-On? View our integration guide.

    Single Sign-on

    • Ensure that all users have their email in your MIS before their account is created or add it in manually in Admin > Manage users.

    • Troubleshooting login issues:

      • Office365/Google: Check that we have emails on file for your users in SMHW

      • Active Directory: Check that all users have the correct email stored in both SMHW and AD (only applicable if your integration is based on emails)

      • RM Unify: Check that all users are linked and matched on their MIS ID for RM Unify

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