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    Clearing cache

    Last Updated : Oct 08, 2018 10:10 GMT

    Can’t log into Show My Homework? Don’t panic! Here are a few ways you can gain access to your account.
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    If you see the image above when you try to log in to your account, it's likely that your browser is trying to restore an older session which has now expired. To overcome this, please clear your browsing history and the problem will be resolved.

    Select your browser:


    Internet Explorer

    1. Click on Tools (Cogwheel in top right-hand corner)
    2. On the drop down menu, click Safety
    3. Select Delete Browsing History

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    4. On the pop-up menu select Temporary Internet files and Cookies
    5. Then click Delete

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    Google Chrome

    1. Click on the Menu Icon in top right-hand corner
    2. On the drop down menu click on Settings 

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    3. Click on Show Advanced Settings
    4. Under Privacy, select Content Settings
    5. Click on Cookies at the top and then on See all cookies and site data
    6. Search for "showmyhomework"
    7. Click Remove all Shown

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