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    Marking Schemes

    Last Updated : Feb 24, 2017 15:02 GMT

    Marking Schemes are used by teachers to grade a student’s homework. Each school will start with a number of standard schemes by default, but you may want to add new ones or amend the old ones.

    To get started, please go the Marking Schemes section of the Admin tab. From here, you will see the names of each Marking scheme and the ascribed values.

    You can Deactivate a scheme to make it unavailable to teachers. Similarly, you can make a scheme available by clicking Activate.

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    Creating a new marking scheme

    By selecting Create new marking scheme, this will bring up a side panel. Enter a title for your custom scheme. Next, specify the full range of possible grades in the provided field, each separated by a comma with no spaces. Alternatively, you can enter each grade on a new line. Once you click Create marking scheme, it will become available to all teachers to use when setting homework tasks.

    You can edit a custom marking scheme at any time by clicking the User-added image icon beside the relevant marking scheme.

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