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    Subject list

    Last Updated : Aug 07, 2017 12:08 GMT

    As a Show My Homework administrator, you can amend or create your school's subjects under the Subject list section of the Admin tab.

    Create a new subject

    Add a new subject at any time by entering the name of the subject in the text box and pressing Create subject. Teacher will be able to use this new subject immediately. 

    Edit an existing subject

    Press the   next to the subject to change the name of it, if necessary.

    Delete an existing subject

    Press  next to the subject to delete the subject if you do not want it to appear on the subject list drop-down any longer. 

    Merge two subjects together

    If you have two similar subjects that you would like to combine, you can merge them.

    User-added image

    Pressing Merge will bring up the following side panel for the subject you have chosen to merge to allow you to chose another subject to merge with. 

    For example, you may want to merge the subjects "Biology AS" and "Science". By clicking Merge next to "Biology AS" you would then be able to select "Science" from the drop-down menu. Pressing Continue will merge the two subjects under a single name. In this example, "Biology AS" will be merged with "Science" and homework marked as "Biology AS" appear under "Science" after the merge.  

     Please be careful when merging subjects as this action cannot be undone!

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