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    Timetables setup guide

    Last Updated : May 31, 2017 10:05 GMT

    Timetables is the newest feature from Show My Homework and lets your teachers, students and parents view their timetables for their lessons straight from their SMHW account, including on the iOS and Android mobile apps. The data will appear from the lesson data we receive from your MIS via the Groupcall Xporter. What appears in SMHW will be a direct reflection of what is stored in the MIS, for this reason if the timetable data in your MIS should be incorrect in some way, the Timetables feature will not be suitable for your school. However, if in the future your school does begin storing timetable data in your MIS, you will be able to switch on the feature in SMHW for your school.

    Setting up Timetables for Your School

    The timetables feature will initially be available only to you and the other SMHW administrators at your school. This is to ensure the data is correct and checked before teachers, students and parents can view it. Once you or another SMHW admin has checked the data, just get in touch with us and we will switch it on for the rest of your school.

    Checking the Data and Managing Timetable Subjects

    Due to the character limitations on subject titles in the MIS, many schools use abbreviations in their data. If your school also does this, the subject names will need to be updated so timetables appear in the best way for teachers, students and parents. This will only need to be done once, unless a new subject is created in your MIS.

    To view and edit the subject names, go to ‘Timetable subjects’ in the ‘Admin’ section of the left navigation sidebar. Here you will see a list of the subjects that have been imported from your MIS. Scroll through them and if anything looks abbreviated or incorrect, click ‘Rename’ to edit.

    Subject Rename.png

    You’ll be able to see which subjects have been edited from their original name in the MIS because all edited ones will have the new name in grey in the right column, unedited ones will have the blue ‘Rename’ option. If you’d like to edit a subject that has been edited before, just hover over the edited name and click the blue pencil icon.

    Subejct Rename 2.png

    If there are repetitions of the same subject or you’d like to group similar names or subjects under one subject title, tick the boxes on the left to rename multiple ones in a single step, merging them into one grouped subject. Select the subjects you’d like to group and then click the blue ‘Merge subjects’ button at the top of the page. You will then be able to type a new name for the group or pick an existing one to add to. 

    Merge subject.png

    If you wish to undo a merge, you can remove any of the subjects from the group by hovering over the subject name on the left and clicking the x.

    Merge Unmerge Subject.png

    You can also organise the subject list by using the filter at the top to narrow down which subjects have been renamed from the original MIS subject name.

     Filter subjects.png

    Switching on Timetables for the Whole School

    Once you have checked and edited the subject titles, you can then check the data is correct. To do this just go to any student by searching a name in the top right or by going to ‘Manage users’ in the Admin section of the left navigation sidebar. Once you have selected any student click ‘Timetable’ on the right tab at the top of the page. 

     When the subjects and timetables are verified as correct, get in touch with your Account Manager and we will switch Timetables on for the rest of your school.

    Updates to Timetables

    When the timetable data is updated in your MIS, these changes will be reflected in SMHW. Data imports take place daily so when a change is made it can take up to 24 hours to update in SMHW. If it has been longer, please get in touch with our Support Team who will check.

    Viewing Students’ Timetables

    You can view any student’s timetable by going to a student either by searching directly for them in the search bar or by accessing your student lists in My Classes. Once you’ve clicked on a student you’ll be taken to their Homework List by default, you can then click on the Timetable tab in the top bar.


    Printing Timetables

    You can also download students’ timetables in PDF format to print. Just select the week you want to print and click the Print button in the top right corner. You will instantly be able to download it and it will also be emailed to you in case you’d rather download and print later.


    iOS and Android Mobile Apps

    You can also view your Timetable on the mobile app. Ensure you have updated the SMHW app to the latest version in the Apple App Store or Google Play. You will see a Timetable tab in the bottom menu, just tap that to get a daily view of your timetable. 

     User-added image


    Why are some lessons and classes missing?
    The timetables are part of a data feed from your school’s database. It contains all the lessons we can receive. If any of your classes should be missing, please 
    check how it appears in the MIS, if it still looks wrong, 
    get in touch with our Support Team.

    Can breaks or holidays or after school activities be added?
    We can only import what is stored as a lesson in the 
    MIS. As such we can’t state when breaks, holidays or anything other than a lesson is. Blank spaces should not be taken as free periods or breaks; they are just not lessons, as will appear in the MIS.

    If I edit a subject name for Timetables, will it affect the homework calendar?
    No, the admin setting that let you rename subjects for classes are separate to Timetables.

    Can admins view and print all teachers’ timetables?
    Not yet but this will be added to the Timetables feature in an upcoming update.

    Thanks for your vote.

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