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    MIS Integration

    Last Updated : May 02, 2018 11:05 GMT

    Once you have received an email with your school's import authentication details from our Onboarding team, you will need to install the Groupcall Xporter Utility onto your server (a client should also be fine).

      Already have Xporter? Follow the instructions below as normal. Some of the steps will be automatically skipped and the Show My Homework job will run alongside your existing Groupcall jobs without interference 


    Please see the list of Show My Homework Dependencies. Please ensure that these URLs are not being blocked by your school or Local Authority's web filters. Not all of these are visitable websites with visible content as some are just endpoint URLs. The bold resources are compulsory. For further information on the requirements for Xporter, please see the Xporter pre-requisites.

    Your installation instructions will vary slightly depending on the MIS your school uses. Please select your MIS from the list below to download instructions that are specific to your school.




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