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    Last Updated : Feb 08, 2018 12:02 GMT

    Our Kudos app lets teachers easily log and communicate behaviour and achievement. This app is fully integrated with your school's Show My Homework account, meaning no extra login, and full visibility across accounts.

    Managing class behaviour

    To award Kudos points or badges simply go to My Classes on the left hand menu. Choose the class you need by clicking ‘Manage class’. You can also select the class by searching for it in the top right search bar - any teacher can give praise to any student - perfect when covering a lesson! Once selected, from the tab options along the top of the page select ‘Kudos’.


    Select one or multiple students that you would like to assign points or badges to using the box at the top left-hand side of the student.

    To give Kudos points, click the green plus sign just above the student list or to deduct Kudos points, click on the red minus sign. To add a badge click on the blue star icon.

    After selecting the students and whether you would like to issue positive or negative points, a box will appear. Here, you can select the number of points you wish to issue either through the arrows or by typing a number into the box in the green circle.

    On the right-hand side, you have the option to select a reason for the points. Choose a reason from the drop-down menu. To complete, click ‘Add Kudos Points’ or ‘Deduct Kudos Points’.

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    Issuing badges

    After clicking on the blue star icon, you must select a badge to award. Either scroll down the list or use the search bar to find a badge.

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    Once selected, you have the option to add a reason for awarding the badge before selecting ‘Award badge’. Click ‘Finish’ to return to the class Kudos page.

    The badges which can be issued to students are customisable by a school admin user. Go to Admin > Kudos Badges to manage existing badges or to create a new one.

    Click the ‘Activate/Deactivate’ toggle to choose which badges appear for the school. Custom badges can be deleted or edited using the pencil and dustbin icons on the right-hand side. Enter a name and description for the badge and select which icon you would like to assing to it. To finish, select either ‘Create badge’ or ‘Save and add another badge’ to create multiple.

    Viewing a student’s points

    To view an individual student’s Kudos points breakdown, either click on the points number under the student’s name in the Kudos tab or search for the student in the top right-hand corner and select the Kudos tab when on their profile.

    On this page, you can easily issue or deduct Kudos points, or award badges using the three icons at the top of the page.

    Below this, you can see all of the badges the student has earned. Below that, there is a breakdown of the points they have received over the course of this week, this month or all time, as well as a list of the most recent reasons that a student has been awarded Kudos points. You can also click through to a breakdown of points, which takes you to the full Kudos report, or that student’s personal Kudos report.

    Teacher view

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    Parent view


    Kudos reports

    From the Reports area of the website, you can access school-wide Kudos data. The interface of these reports is very similar to other Show My Homework reports, where you can select the date range, particular staff members, particular class groups or year groups from filter menus at the top of the page. If your school is eligible, it is also possible to filter the report by House group. Please speak with your Account Manager if you’d like to learn more.

    By default, the Kudos Report displays the points issued in the last week for the whole school.

    After selecting any filters from the dropdown menus, you can easily see which students have received the most Kudos points. In the Kudos Report, you can rearrange the table to be ordered by any one of the columns by clicking on the two arrows next to the column heading, e.g. you can order the report alphabetically if you click on the arrows next to where it says “Student name”.

    The report can be exported in spreadsheet format using the green XLS button. The report can be scheduled to regularly arrive in your inbox by clicking the green ‘Schedule this report’ button on the top right of the page. From here, you can choose a name for the report, how often you want to receive it, the timespan of the data and if it should be sent to anyone else. Once the report is saved, you will receive an email on the next scheduled day.

     Top tip: If you’d like to send the report to more than one email address, please ensure each email entered into the relevant box is separated by a comma and a new line.

    Personal Kudos reports can be viewed through the student profile area. Here you can see the most recent Reasons for which the student received Kudos points, the date the points were awarded along with the teacher who awarded the points. This report can also be exported into Excel.

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