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    Last Updated : Jun 19, 2018 13:06 GMT

    With our Seating app, which can be integrated with your school's data, teachers can optimise their classrooms so every student is seated in the place that suits them best. Seating plans can be exported and printed in just a click.

    Creating a Seating template

    School administrators can create Seating templates for the teachers to use. A template is a pre-defined set of rows and columns, as well as desk configurations. For example, administrators could create a template for each classroom, so that teachers will only need to add the pupils on their desks, according to their preferred setup, thus saving precious time!

    • Go to Admin > Manage smart seating
    • Click "Manage" under Seating templates
    • On the top right corner, click +Create new seating template
    • Give your template a name, select the number of rows and columns
    • Click "Create seating template" or "Save and add another seating template" to make another one!

    Creating Seating plan

    Teachers can create their own Seating plans for their classes. They can create a new plan, or select a premade template for their classroom. 

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    To create your first seating plan go to My Classes. Select the class you need by clicking Manage class. Once selected, go on the "Seating" tab.
     Top tip: you can create seating plans for any class, even those that you are covering. Search for a by name class using the search bar at the top.

    Next, click on Create new plan which will prompt you to enter a name for the seating plan. You will need to press the Enter key on your keyboard to save the Seating plan name. 

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    Once you've entered your seating plan's name, you will be taken to a new page where you can start creating your grid, choosing how many rows and columns you would like to use. Alternatively, click on the drop down to Select seating template, and choose one for the templates your administrators have created. 

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    You can choose the type of desk you would like to incorporate into your plan from the right-side menu. Simply drag this to your desired part of the grid. Continue to do this until all the blank blocks are filled. To remove a desk you've dragged over, simply click on X in the top right corner.

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    To add students, you can either click on Add Student on any desk in the grid or select the student list tab on the right and drag them over. 

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    By clicking on Add a student from the desk you will see a popup student list where you can view the students’ profiles and any notes that have been made in terms of their seating arrangements.

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    You can also view their profile when they’ve been added to the desk by hovering over it and clicking the blue "i" . Click X if you want to remove that student from the desk.

    The Optimise function

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    Our Optimise function allows you to pick a student category you would like to see at the front of the classroom. Any students from the category you selected will be automatically added to the front of the seating plan. You can then fill in the rest of the desks with the remaining students. 

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    Select the student categories you would like to sit at the front of the class and Click Optimise again. All of the other students can then be arranged in the remaining empty rows in the class by you. 

    Viewing saved Seating plans

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    All seating plans are automatically saved in the Seating section of each class. You can go back to view and edit seating plans for your classes by returning to the Seating section under your class at any time, including plans other teachers have put in place for classes you are linked to.

    You may create several seating plans for the same class by repeating the same steps as above or by selecting Duplicate and choosing how you edit that. Delete the plans you no longer need by simply selecting the icon.

    Download and Print

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    When you have the seating plan you wish to download open, select  Generate PDF to download the plan in a PDF format. You can select Simple seating plan to print a PDF of just the plan itself or Advanced options to print a seating plan with additional information such as student categories, Praise points, and any notes you have written about the student. 

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