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    Scheduled Reports

    Last Updated : Mar 21, 2019 09:03 GMT

    Make reporting even easier with our new feature: Scheduled Reports.

    You can now arrange for any report that you generate in Show My Homework to be delivered at daily, weekly or monthly intervals. You can even add the email addresses of your colleagues so they receive the report too.

    To schedule a report, simply apply the desired filters to the report of your choosing, then click “Schedule” this report in the top right of the screen.

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    A popup window will prompt you to choose the frequency, timespan, name, and recipients of the report. Once you have filled in the fields you can click Save report and you’re done!

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    You can manage your Scheduled reports by clicking Reports and then “View/edit scheduled reports” in the top right.

    If you wish to temporarily disable a report, you can click Edit, Deactivate then Save changes. You can switch this back at any time. If you wish to permanently remove a report then you can click Edit, Delete, and then Save changes.


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    For more information about the reports that are available, please see our Reports guide.

     Top tip: Want a quick overview rather than a full-scale report? Use Insights to view activity and submission stats for individual students, classes and homework tasks in a click. Find out more.

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