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    Changing my account settings

    Last Updated : Mar 27, 2018 15:03 GMT

    If you would like to change your personal details, password, or notification settings, simply go to Account settings under the welcome message in the top left corner of your screen:


    My details

    Here, you can update your title, name, email, username, teacher role, and subject.

      Top Tip: After updating any information under My details remember to click on Save changes to ensure that your updated details are stored. 

    Please note that if you are a non-teaching member of staff &you will not see teacher role, main subject, or the 'Bio' section as these are only available for Teacher accounts.

    My social media links (optional)

    Feel free to provide your social media links to allow other Show My Homework teachers to connect with you. These will be visible in the Community Resources area if you choose to share your homework tasks with the community. 

    Manage notifications

    Simply enable the email notifications you would prefer to receive: the Daily digest, Weekly digest, and/or notifications for New events and announcements posted for the school. The notification settings are not available to non-teaching members of staff.

    Profile picture
    User-added image

    Add a profile picture for your account by clicking the blue upload button. You can also delete your current profile picture by clicking the red X button.

    This feature is also available on the mobile apps. You will just need to visit Settings in the app and then tap on your profile picture to choose or take another photo. 

    Add homework to my personal calendar

    Finally, you can get an iCal link to sync your Show My Homework calendar to your personal calendar on your device.

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