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    What is the To-do list?

    Last Updated : Aug 18, 2017 09:08 GMT

    The To-do list is an organisational tool to help you keep on top of your deadlines. Any homework assigned by your teachers will appear on the To-do list. 

    How to use the To-do list

    Finding your homework tasks
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    Tasks are divided between two tabs Issued and Completed. When you are assigned a homework task you will see it in the Issued tab. From the Issued tab you can click the task to view the homework details or mark the work as complete. You can use the search box to find specific tasks using keywords.

    The items in both lists will be ordered by week with the oldest items at the top and the newest based on the due date for the homework. There are four subheadings:

    Past due 
    If an item is past its due date, it will appear at the top of the To-do list under this heading

    This week
    The tasks due this week appear next under this heading
    Next week
    The tasks due next week appear under this heading
    All other homework set after next week will appear under this final heading

    Marking homework as completed

    You can only mark off homework as complete from your student account. A task can be marked as completed by clicking the box next to the task. If you've accidentally marked a homework as completed, simply go to the Completed tab and un-tick the box for the homework ask. The task will reappear in the Issued tab. 

     Top tip: As the To-do list is simply an organisational tool, marking a homework as complete does not submit homework or communicate to the teacher that the homework is completed!

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